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Data Technology

TIPS IN Two: AI Tools


Slidesgo AI presentation maker allows users to input information like subject, tone, context, and number of slides into the tool to produce a presentation made by AI. This can be used by educators looking to draft up presentations about new topics, or used in a professional setting for mock presentations. Give this AI tool a go and let us know what you think! serves as an AI-powered tool for effortlessly converting your notes into flashcards or quiz sets. By just entering your text, you can promptly receive questions and corresponding answers for evaluating your comprehension. Moreover, the website's text box can convert any copied content into a series of question-and-answer pairs, which you can then conveniently transfer to your preferred flashcard application.

Perplexity AI

Perplexity AI is a chatbot search engine that allows users to ask questions and receive a comprehensive written response with references. Unlike other chatbot-like AI tools, Perplexity uses AI to gather information from web sources to provide a current and up-to-date answer. Perplexity combines the benefits of a search engine with natural language processing to avoid hallucinations and provide users with relevant information.


LessonPlans.AI utilizes AI to immediately produce customized lesson plans. The platform instantly generates lesson plans within seconds for several school subjects such as Math, English, or Social Studies. The platform specifically provides lesson plans for kindergarten classes, as well as grades one through twelve.


QuestionWell is an AI-powered tool that can easily create an assessment, quiz, or test. QuestionWell creates questions in a multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, and short-answer format. Just fill in the learning outcomes, topic, and learning material used to create the assessment. This tool is perfect for the classroom or any learning environment.

Imagine AI Art Generator

Imagine AI Art Generator is a text-to-image AI generator that turns written prompts into art. With several different art styles to choose from, users can create unique and creative images within seconds

Curipod AI Lesson Generator

Curipod AI Lesson Generator is an AI tool that creates fun, engaging, and uniquely crafted lessons. Enter a topic or learning objective and Curipod will create a full lesson outline, suggested activities, discussion questions, and more!

School AI

SchoolAI is designed to allow educators to monitor and guide students' AI interactions within the classroom. This platform offers a range of features tailored to enhance learning experiences, including personalized 1:1 tutoring sessions and reliable support. Through SchoolAI, students can engage with ChatGPT in a secure and controlled environment, ensuring a productive and safe AI interaction. Further, teachers gain actionable insights into student progress, enabling them to tailor instruction and set up automated processes to further individualize the learning journey.


Coming soon!

Novel AI

NovelAI is a storytelling AI tool that constructs unique stories, thrilling tales, romance novels, and more! A recent addition to the tool is an image generator that allows users to add pictures to their narratives.


QuillBot is an advanced AI-driven writing and paraphrasing tool that uses cutting-edge NLP techniques to help users write better, generate new phrases, and enhance content clarity and quality. Its key feature is effective text rephrasing, making it valuable for writers, students, and professionals aiming to avoid plagiarism, simplify complex language, and express ideas differently. 


Coming soon!

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