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Join us for our next MET COMMUNITY Talk

AI Integration in Assessment

Exploring the topic 

In this session, DeMolder Hill Design invites infusing Artificial Intelligence (AI) into assessment strategies. The session supports practical applications, exploring real-world examples within various professions and encouraging educators to reflect on their own roles step by step. DeMolder Hill Design tackles the fundamental question of why assessments matter, prompting participants to identify the purpose behind their specific assessments. A deeper exploration into AI-supported assessments follows, demonstrating how educators can seamlessly weave AI into their designs, utilizing its capabilities for enhanced question creation, formatting, and synthesis. Finally, the session concludes by showcasing how AI, particularly LLMs, can act as a powerful support system in assessment innovation. Participants are empowered to synthesize their learnings into a cohesive framework, so that they can create assessments that are not just evaluative but innovative and dynamic, reflecting a nuanced understanding of AI's role in shaping the future of education.

Download the slides here: 

About Jessica & Camellia

Jessica DeMolder is a doctoral candidate at Michigan State University. She currently holds a Phd in Instructional Psychology and Technology with a focus on technology integration in second language acquisition, a Master’s degree in Second Language Teaching, and a bachelor’s degree in French and German. She has been an adjunct faculty teaching German, French, language methodologies, pedagogy, psychology, as well as instructional design for over 13 years. She currently is the CEO and Co-founder of DeMolder Hill Design.


Camellia Hill is an innovative educator with over a decade of educational involvement. She has instructed in the Ukraine, Canada, the Dominican Republic, Brazil, and now the United States of America. Camellia has a combined degree in Kinesiology and Education, a master’s degree in Portuguese Pedagogy, as well as a Master’s degree in Instructional Psychology and Technology. She is currently the CEO and Co-founder of DeMolder Hill design, where she is innovating and reshaping how people learn and teach with intentional technology integration.


Together Jessica DeMolder, PhD candidate, and Camellia Hill have over 2 decades of expertise in Education. Combined they hold 6 degrees in education, exercise science, and instructional technology. They have designed curriculum for over 100,000 learners which has included online courses, badges, apps, and websites. They continue to present both nationally and internationally to support education and instructional design. They have also co-founded DeMolder Hill Design.

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