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Evolving Education: Using AI Tools to Navigate Overwhelming Complexity 

Wednesday, August 9th at 5:30PM PST 

Exploring the topic 

As the world gets more tangled every day, our ability to adapt has never been more crucial.  In this workshop, we'll demystify the intricate relationships between humans and technology, and investigate how this crucial partnership can boost our problem-solving skills, especially in the realm of education. Discover the transformative potential of AI to simplify the complex and uncover exciting, new solutions. This workshop is designed to guide every participant towards a future-proof mindset, where technology is harnessed efficiently in education to adapt, thrive, and excel. Let's learn to embrace the complexity of our world together!

Resources from the Presentation:

Center for Humane Technology

Reid's longer video on Generative AI in Education (video)
Link to presentation slides

   - These slides are open-use, so anyone is free to take them and edit/use them.
Geering Up Resources (website)
How AI Could Save Education - Sal Khan (video)
Sparks of AGI (video)

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About Reid:

Reid is a creative technologist with a background in the cognitive sciences. He skillfully blends his roles as an educator, developer, and artist to create innovative and interactive educational experiences for the public. As professional development instructor at Geering Up, he interacts with educators from across BC and Canada, helping them design and implement technology activities in the classroom. Hopeful by nature, Reid strives to inspire and imagine positive visions of the future of humanity in the 21st century and beyond.

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