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What might the future sound like? About the Futures Soundscapes Lab

Tuesday, MAY 2ND at 5:30 PST 

Exploring the topic 

This talk will present the working model of the Laboratory of Soundscapes of the Future, an educational experience created within the framework of the postgraduate program in Futures Studies at CENTRO (Mexico City). This experience makes it possible for participants to devise and produce sound pieces that recreate environments and events that occur in a possible future but are constructed with sounds (noises, voices, music) of the present. The framework is based on the contributions of Murray Schaffer, Stuart Candy, and Jake Dunagan, among other researchers. Further, the session will include listening to soundscapes made by students. 


Futures soundscapes collection 

About Karla:

Karla Paniagua is a visual anthropologist with and Ph.D. in transdisciplinary culture and communication studies. She leads the specialty in Design of Tomorrow, co-edits the journal Economía Creativa, and creates and conducts learning experiences for undergraduate, graduate, and public, private, civil, and academic audiences. 

About K. Paniagua


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